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Agency Life Trends and Hacks

The world has changed dramatically in the past few years. As the pandemic pushed almost everyone indoors, companies and consumers alike saw just how vital the internet is to keep us connected with the world, our work, and each other. Staying ahead of trends has never been more important. Here are some new trends we’re seeing and a few hacks to help you take advantage of them.

The Trends

Partnering with Micro-influencers

A micro-influencer has a social media following that is larger than the average person, but smaller than a celebrity’s following. Typical micro-influencers have follower counts between 1,000 and 100,000 and thrive on sites like TikTok. While small by social media standards, their follower communities tend to be more niche as they’re following the creator based on content, not hype. Brands that match their services with micro-influencers have seen better returns on their efforts, often at less cost.

Start Trends on TikTok

Or rather, hire creators on TikTok to start trends for you. Work with one or two creators to come up with ideas around your product or service. Test run the best ideas, then hire additional creators to carry on the trend using the “stitch” and “duet” features built into the platform. The TikTok algorithm has virality built into it, favoring videos when they utilize these features. Ensure that the trend comes back to your client’s brand in some way – challenges around food for restaurants, athletic challenges for shoe brands, etc.

The Rise of M-Commerce

We all know what e-commerce is. M-commerce, purchasing through mobile devices, is its quickly growing child. As mobile devices become more powerful, and more powerful devices become more affordable, this trend is only going to continue. If you don’t already have your eye on utilizing mobile apps and running mobile-friendly ads and social media campaigns, you’re in luck. It is still a growing and developing market. Look at what your clients offer that will translate to apps and optimize their social media and ads for mobile.

Hybridize Brands

We have changed how we interact with our world over the past two years. Companies like Facebook (rebranded to Meta) have already taken steps to capitalize on those changes, with plans to implement more virtual and augmented reality services into their existing products. Look at your client’s brand and services and ask yourself, how do I move this from the physical world to the digital world, and back? The possibilities are limitless. Some examples to help your creativity flow include

  • Utilizing augmented reality apps through phones to virtually demo products

  • Mixed-media advertising with physical-world QR codes that bring up videos, tutorials, etc on phones

The Hacks

Build an Online Community

Online communities, for example, Facebook groups, help build engagement with consumers and add a personal touch to a brand’s identity. It creates a level of accessibility that brings with it greater brand loyalty. They also create opportunities for companies to create conversations around their product, gain user feedback, and even start new trends.

Viral Giveaways

Giveaways and contests are classic ways for brands to go viral. Social media pages gain exposure and followers. Services and products get new attention when consumers have the opportunity to get something free. Contests are also good ways to start trends, as your influencers can make the trend the contest itself – “can you do this” challenges and fun but safe dares are just a couple of contest/trend ideas you can build around products and services.

Content Repurposing

Do you have a flyer promotion that went nowhere in the client’s area? Did an online promotion fall flat on social media? Would you like to recreate the buzz from a successful campaign? Content repurposing is a good way to make use of successful and unsuccessful content. You can update previously successful campaigns and run them again. Meanwhile, give an unsuccessful campaign a facelift with hybrid advertising.

Bringing It Together

The world is changing fast. It’s more important than ever that digital marketers keep up with new trends. Just remember, knowing the trend isn’t enough. You need a way to jump into the trend in a new and unique way. These trends and hacks will get you started but don’t stop watching. They are just the beginning.

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