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From Search Intent to Purchase: Optimizing the Customer Journey for Seamless Conversions

I spend a lot of time here digging into specifics of digital marketing, examining social media strategies or ways to structure content. Now, I want to step back and look at the big picture. Let’s look at the customer journey and how to improve conversions in your digital marketing campaign. 

What Is the Customer Journey?

In marketing, the customer journey is the way we conceptualize how consumers discover, learn about, and interact with a brand. While each industry will have some variations in what this journey looks like, generally, it occurs in five phases:

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Decision

  • Retention

  • Loyalty

Mapping the Customer Journey

Before you can optimize your customer’s journey, you have to understand it. Begin by identifying your target audience and learning about their consumer habits. What do they respond to? What brings them back to a brand? Where do you find them? It requires market and brand analysis, but it is well worth the effort to create a road map for you. 

Identify and Improve Digital Touchpoints

Now that you have your customer’s journey mapped- identify each touchpoint where your customer will interact with your brand. This includes websites, marketing landing pages, and social media. It also includes things like your Google profile and external websites where customers can leave reviews (such as Yelp). 

Build Personalization into Your Campaigns, Website, and Mobile Apps

Utilize customer data to customize the experience a consumer has with your brand. On platforms, utilize features that allow you to target specific customer demographics and behaviors. On your website, utilize internal tracking and AI tools to track what customers interact with and purchase. Then, we build campaigns and customer experiences that utilize this data. From fine-tuning ads to recommendations based on past browsing, you will create an experience that is more relevant to your customer and attentive to their needs. 

Create Clear and Directed Calls-to-Action

Whether on your marketing landing pages or your base website, guide customers through the decision-making process. Don’t merely provide information to them. Show them the next step you want them to take, whether that is completing a contact form or making a purchase. Your call to action should be clear, present, and actionable.

Build Loyalty Through Feedback

Customer feedback is important to managing brand reputation. It is also important to build a positive customer experience and ensure loyalty. Seek feedback from customers that is specific to their service. Utilize CRM tools that help you track customer interactions throughout the journey and build those interactions into the feedback you seek from customers. Ask them specific questions about their service and experience. Importantly, don’t just address the criticisms or problems that may arise in feedback. Address the praise as well and use it as an opportunity to introduce your customers to other products and services that can continue to meet their needs. 

These are only a few of the things that you can do to enhance and optimize your customer experience. Want to learn more? Contact me.


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