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Grow Your Leads in 2022 and Beyond with These 6 Digital Marketing Strategies

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Are you wondering how to bring new people to your website? Do you feel like your newsletters are just landing in the spam box instead of the inbox? Consistent lead generation is vital to a successful digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re just starting to grow your leads or you need to boost your existing list, here are six strategies that will help your list grow in 2022 and beyond.

Touch Up Your Website

With the dramatic growth in social media use, it can be easy to forget about your website. Think of your website, however, as the office you’re inviting people into. Would you let your carpets get dirty or not replace outdated artwork? While website elements change based on customer behaviors, two elements are universal: your contact information and your brand trustworthiness.

Make sure that users can easily find where to contact you. If part of your lead generation includes a newsletter, for example, make it easy and visible for them to sign up. If you rely on social media, make your social media information prominent and easy to find.

Media Components Website Project

To build trust with website visitors, include reviews, affiliations, and testimonials where visitors can find them quickly and easily. Side-bar reviews are a popular option. If you use templates like WordPress, adding external site reviews is easy with widgets.

Claim and Optimize Your Google Business Listing

If you have not claimed your Google Business listing, do that right away. Google Business listings typically show up on the right-hand side of searches and are an easy way to bring new visitors to your site, especially for businesses that rely on local customers such as realtors, home designers, and medical professionals. When you claim or update your profile, ensure that you complete each item and add high-quality photos.

Ask Current Customers for Reviews

Since you want to ensure your website includes reviews and testimonials, ask your current customers for reviews when you complete a service or deliver their product. Don’t rely on a single site like Google. Instead, offer customers a choice in where to review – Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. By offering choices, you’re letting customers do a little work for you without even knowing it. They’re most likely to review your business on the site they trust to search for businesses – meaning customers like them are more likely to see your review!

Connect with Influencers

Reach out to influencers associated with your industry to help reach their audiences. Because influencers build relationships with their followers, they are a wonderful way to reach an audience who will be loyal – and more likely to share their experiences when they become customers.

Identify Your Audience

When I see businesses struggle with lead generation, often I see them looking for leads in the wrong places. Examine your business and ask yourself – who is using my services and where do I want to expand? When you’re looking for leads, too wide of a net will result in people who aren’t interested in your business. By focusing your attention on the audience you want, you make the work you do finding leads more efficient and maximizing your returns.

Engage in the Right Communities

Where does your ideal audience congregate online? What platforms do they use? Do they engage with each other on Twitter? Do they share advice in Facebook groups? Look for where your audience engages with online content and join in on their conversations. Don’t be salesy in your approach. Instead, offer insightful answers to questions. Show your expertise in your industry. If they like your answers and insights, they’ll look for your profile. Only offer your services when people ask for recommendations.

Are You Looking to Improve Your Lead Generation?

Whether you're just starting your business or looking to refresh your lead generation, I have the solutions you need. Contact me for more information and move your digital marketing to the next level.

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