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What Are the Benefits of Digital Transformation?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Digital transformation allows businesses to integrate new technologies and change the way they fundamentally operate. That’s a mouthful, so let’s break things down. What is digital transformation and how does it change a company’s approach to their business? What are the advantages of digital transformation?

What Is Digital Transformation?

A digital transformation is a digital-first approach to how a company operates. From customer interactions to internal processes and business organization, a business looks at where technology can be used to streamline and improve how the business operates. These are not small changes. Digital transformation means updating and digitizing,

  • Customer-facing operations

  • Employee communications

  • Work-flow and system processes

  • Public relations

  • Business culture

The Advantages of Digital Transformation

While digital transformation brings big changes to a business, the advantages are equally large. Employees, customers, and the business itself all benefit from the growth and development that comes from digital transformation.

Improved Customer Experience

It can’t be understated how beneficial a full digital transformation is for a business and we don’t have to look back very far at all to see the benefits. Consider the changes businesses made during the pandemic.

When companies had to close their doors, customers didn’t suddenly stop needing the same goods and services they had been relying on for years. Retailers and providers who moved to online services for ordering groceries and setting appointments were able to meet their customers’ needs on their customers’ terms. Grocery stores delivered orders when customers needed them. Doctors provided online appointments. Even for services that still needed to be performed in person such as vehicle repairs, we're able to provide their customers with the safety of digital check-ins.

Many of the changes implemented during the pandemic for safety have remained in place because customers found them not only safe but convenient as well. A patient is more likely to schedule a routine follow-up that doesn’t require a physical if they can schedule it online and around their work schedule. Appointments go faster when people can check in online ahead of time. Grocery shopping is easier and customers are happier when the order is delivered by the time they get home.

Improved Employee Collaboration

Think back ten years ago or even five years ago – or now if you’re not using digital tools for project management. How much time is spent on project meetings about putting together the project? I don’t mean how much time your employees spend on doing the work of the project. How much time do they spend planning the project structure and workflow?

Digital project management tools provide companies with proven templates and organizational tools that mean employees spend less time on planning a project and instead focus on the project itself. If your company has offices in multiple cities or states that need to work together on projects, the digital organization brings your teams together no matter where they are, without waiting for travel and paying travel expenses. Everyone can be on the same page, working on a project together, no matter where they are.

Higher Profits for the Company

Improved customer experience and improved collaboration mean higher profits for the company and its shareholders. If your customers are able to engage with your products and services faster and easier through, for example, a streamlined website or a mobile app, they’re going to use your services more frequently and spend more money with your company. If your employees are able to collaborate easily on a project with less time in the planning phase, they will be more efficient. Individual projects are done faster, leading to higher productivity – which ultimately feeds into a better customer experience as new products and services become available.

Efficiency brings higher profits.

Are You Looking to Make a Digital Transformation?

If your business is ready to make the leap into the digital sphere contact me. I’ll help you plan your transformation to meet your evolving business goals.


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